How To Use Social Bookmarking For Even More Website Traffic

Social Bookmarking sites have proven over and over to be a tremendous source of targeted traffic. Before you jump to any conclusions, first of all it’s important to determine if you’re ready to use social bookmarking for your online marketing purposes. Once you’re sure that you wouldn’t mind putting in the effort, the next step is to know how to go about it. It’s terribly important to know where you want to go, and you can’t really say where you’re going if you have no plan at all. Social bookmarking for traffic is no different, you need to know what to do and what not to do. Perhaps you would like to read about a few good strategies for putting the power of social bookmarking in your business.

A simple social bookmarking tip is to have the first paragraph of your article well written.

Your first paragraph can be a real work horse for you if you get it right. Everything before that must be right, too, but after capturing the readers attention, the first paragraph is where decisions are made. It requires that it’s uniquely your voice and does enough to capture attention.

People find content on bookmarking sites by reading their headlines, so if you want your bookmark to be seen and spread, then you should focus on creating catchy headlines. If your content is terrific, but your headline sucks – then your lost. If your headline is so bad that people just walk away, then you also won’t get any traffic to your site. Social networking takes a good amount of work to really give you results, but making the mistake of ignoring your headline will cost you a lot of time and hard work. So do your self a favor and write headlines that are reasonable and good, preferably.

Please be sure to submit your content to the most appropriate category. These categories can be seen as mini sections within the social community. If you should submit to the wrong category, then it’s like you’re targeting the wrong market and it’s a waste. So, doing that is time wasted because no one will bother to read it. So of course making sure you’re in the right category will help you get your content in front of your market which is the right people. You’ll discover in time, if you do it, that social bookmarking can provide you with excellent traffic. But in order to achieve this you need to research the social communities before jumping into action and avoid any kind of self promotion. So try to remember these easy guidelines, and you should not have any difficulties.


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